PoliceTalent’s second Diploma of Recognition for extraordinary work for sustainable policing has been awarded the Haparanda Police, LPO Östra Norrbotten, Sweden.

The nomination committee conclusions are:
The Police in Haparanda is in the-front line of policing. Since 2015 the Haparanda Police have been using a new work model that comprehends all levels of the department. This new work model includes delegation of planning and effectuation of major events involving response police officers as leaders in such events.

  • By having the courage to challenge booth old hierarchical system and the deep-rooted blame culture thru delegating the responsibility of leadership to response police officers the Haparanda Police have allowed development not only of the organization but also of each and every one of its members.
  • By having the courage to take on the responsibility of leadership given to them response police officers have shown that this is a work method that enhance not only themselves but also the organization as a whole.
  • By sharing the responsibility of leadership both the organization and its members have the possibility to test in what way leadership may be a future career path.
  • By delegating the responsibility of leadership, the Haparanda Police acknowledge the experience, skills and knowledge of its members
  • By implementing this work model response police officers are able to take their experiences and knowledge from their ordinary day-to-day work and use it in the planning of major events and leadership situation and vice versa.

With regard to the above, the Haparanda Police has made it possible to develop a sustainable work environment. This work environment makes it possible to enhance not just the organization, the members of this organization, but also the community they are placed to serve.

PoliceTalent takes the opportunity to wish the members of the Haparanda Police all best in the future.


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