Professor Trevor Archer presents PoliceTalent’s fourth Diploma of Recognition.

A personal gratulation from Professor Trevor Archer to the Durham Constabulary.

The nomination committee’s conclusions

PoliceTalent’s fourth Diploma of Recognition for extraordinary work for sustainable policing has been awarded the Durham Constabulary, UK.

The nomination committee’s conclusions are:
The Durham Constabulary is on the front line of policing. For many years Durham
Constabulary has effectively been using Problem-Oriented Policing (POP) as a tool for
organizational and community problem-solving. Their work with POP is one important asset
that makes Durham Constabulary a sustainable and effective police department.

Problem-Oriented Policing has proven itself to be a very effective tool for proactive policing. POP is a flexible tool that enables unique solutions to local problems by placing the knowledge and competence of the rank and file as well as the local problems and the citizens’ needs and requirements in a central role.

  • By making POP a tool for organizational as well as community-related problems and development, Durham Constabulary has expanded the possibilities of POP.
  • Durham Constabulary is clear in its goal to make it possible and expects POP to be a tool in every employee’s toolbox.
  • Through close cooperation and interaction with the academia, employees have been able to learn and use POP. This cooperation has enabled individual development and the ability to analyze local problems, not just using one expert on the subject.
  • It is clear that the Durham Constabulary management finds it important to learn from mistakes rather than exert punishment. This attitude enables growth and a willingness to try new ways of problem-solving.
  • By giving employees the responsibility to use POP as a tool to solve local problems, a positive loop is developed, giving the employees the possibility to grow and thrive.
  • Through the yearly internal event held by Durham Constabulary, the employees can share and learn from each other. Through this, the knowledge and experience of POP is spread through the organization. This event is also an indication of the importance that the Durham Constabulary management place on the use of POP.

With regards to the above, the Durham Constabulary has made it possible to develop a sustainable work environment. This work environment makes it possible to enhance not just the organization, the members of this organization, but also the community they are placed to serve.

PoliceTalent takes the opportunity to wish the members of the Durham Constabulary all the best in the future.

On behalf of the committee,

Dr. Ann-Christine Andersson Arntén


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