West Jordan, Utah Police Department, USA, is awarded 2022 PoliceTalent’s Diploma of Recognition 

PoliceTalent is pleased to present the West Jordan, Utah Police Department, USA, as the fifth receiver of the Diploma of Recognition for their extraordinary work on sustainable policing. The diploma is awarded annually to an organization that has distinguished itself through their work methods, leadership or other practices that have a positive impact on sustainable policing and the community that it serves. The committee consists of professionals contributing to PoliceTalent.

The motivation is:

“The West Jordan, Utah Police Department is in the-front line of policing. Since 2019 the West Jordan, Utah Police Department has effectively been using a platform based on the concept “You matter as I matter” as a tool both for organizational and community relationship development. This platform is an important asset that makes the West Jordan, Utah Police Department a sustainable and effective police department.”

About PoliceTalent

PoliceTalent is a non-profit, non-political forum that aims to put the spotlight on positive changes, effective work methods, leadership and organizational change. With this, PoliceTalent intends to exert a positive impact not just on policing but also on employees, and the community the police are meant to guard. With examples of best practice and practical leadership guidance based on practitioners experience and academic results, PoliceTalent focuses on and emphasizes the positive movement for an effective 21st century policing.


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