PoliceTalent’s third Diploma of Recognition for extraordinary work for sustainable policing has been awarded the Carthage Police Department, Missouri, USA.

The nomination committee conclusions are:

The Carthage Police Department is in the-front line of policing. For many years the work of the Carthage Police Department has been based on the foundation that the police and the citizens are inseparable, in a partnership and the same. That they are joined in the same project. Listen to Professor Stefan Holgersson congratulate the Carthage Police Department in the following video.

  • By the concept of servant leadership and unconditional respect the police department in their daily work focus on building relations with the public.
  • In their daily work with and through community projects, the Carthage Police Department continually works to build on the relationship between the department and the public.
  • By having the courage to try new ways to develop and monitoring the targeted goals related to the department-citizen relations. The Carthage Police decided to start a survey. This survey was given to all persons whom they had any encounter with. People that had been arrested, given a ticket, or in any other way had contact with the department were invited to take this survey. It was a one-question survey “Based on the contact you just had with the Carthage Police Department, how comfortable would you be for a friend or family member to receive police service from us?”
  • By having a plan for the follow-up of all negative responses by using the results matched with the bodycams and ask the question “Was there anything that we should have done differently/better?” the Carthage Police Department can continue to develop its organization, work methods and its day-to-day work and interactions with the public.
  • By building on the results from this survey, the police department has used the knowledge of officers with extra good results to spread their knowledge and work-methods within the organization.

With regards to the above, the Carthage Police Department has made it possible to develop a sustainable work environment. This work environment makes it possible to enhance not just the organization, the members of this organization, but also the community they are placed to serve.

PoliceTalent takes the opportunity to wish the members of the Carthage Police Department all the best in the future.

Reactions to the award

“What Greg and his team have been able to accomplish by fully embracing and actualizing the outward mindset has been astounding. The members of the Carthage PD and the public it serves are better off for it. It is great to see such deserving folks receive public recognition of their success.”

Chip Huth, Division Commander at the Kansas City Missouri Police Department

“Excellent choice. Under Greg’s leadership, Carthage PD has been a model of an Outward Mindset organization for years. Carthage PD embodies what PoliceTalent is pointing to as a way forward for police and communities. When people lose confidence in the police, everyone suffers!”

Jack Collwell, Arbinger Institute

If you want to know more about Carthage Police Department, please listen to Chief of Police Greg Dagnan at TED Ideas worth spreading.


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