When PoliceTalent was founded Simon Sinek was one of the people that gave inspiration on how to form the message.

Simon Sinek argues that for to be effective in what you do and to make people listen to what you have to say you have to answer three questions “What”; “How” and “Why”. He also describe this with the three circles where “Why” is in the center circle, then comes the “How” circle, and finally the outer “What” circle. In an organization everyone knows what the organization do. Most persons also know how this is supposed to be done. But very few know why they do what they do. What is the purpose with the organization? Simon Sinek also says that the “Why” can never be about “making money” or in the case of policing catching criminals because that is results. He says “Everyone has a Why. Your Why is the purpose, cause or belief that inspires you.” So when starting PoliceTalent it was important to find out the “Why” – the purpose and the beliefs that was the foundation of PoliceTalent.


The “Why” of PoliceTalent

PoliceTalent exists because there are people that believe that policing is about protecting democracy, that effective policing is built upon trustful relations between the police and the citizens, and that these trustful relations is part of forming a just society. Moreover PoliceTalent exists because there are people that successfully have left the hierarchical top-down we-against-them policing and changed to a more participative relation-building form of policing.


The “How” of PoliceTalent

PoliceTalent hopes to inspire and educate through research articles, video clips, interviews and other information channels displayed on the PoliceTalent website, Facebook and the YouTube channel.


The “What” of PoliceTalent

By a mix of research and practical examples of successful policing PoliceTalent will offer information about how to succeed in forming a more effective future policing. PoliceTalent focus on police leaders, police employees, public leaders, politicians and others that are interested in an effective future policing.



The Golden circle in Practice

Chief of Police Mac Tristan, Coppell Police Department, Texas USA, says:

In our organization before we started and before we undertake any change we have to ask ourselves some specific questions:

  • Why shall we do this?
  • What is your purpose?
  • What kind of service are we performing now with current method of policing?
  • What are we accomplishing?
  • How do you know if you are being successful?
  • How can we be more effective?

I believe that one can always be more effective. If you think you have peeked there is nowhere to go but down. None of us have peeked; we can always be more effective. And this is what we keep pushing in our organization. What is it that we are doing, how are we doing it and why are we doing it. How can we be more effective based on why we exist? But we also use data to drive a lot of these decisions.



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