PoliceTalent is pleased to present Coppell Police Department, Texas USA as the first receiver of the Diploma of Recognition for their extraordinary work on sustainable policing.

The diploma is awarded annually to an organization that has distinguished itself through their work methods, leadership or other things that have a positive impact on sustainable policing and the community that it serves. The committee consist of a professor, a PhD employed by the Swedish Police, a CEO and a Superintendent from the Swedish Police.

The motivation is:

“The Police Department of Coppell is in the-front line of policing by using a clear work model that comprehends all levels of the department. This work model can be recognized in the day-to-day work, in leadership, as well as in recruitment and by recognizing the goal of policing to be a service to the citizens of Coppell.”

The diploma was handed over at the ceremony held for retiring Chief of Police Mac Tristan on November 30th, 2018 in Coppell Town Center in the presence of Police professionals from Dallas-Fort Worth, the Coppell City Council and City Management, city employees and the Coppell community.

Listen to when Dr. Ann-Christine Andersson Arntén talks about the diploma and the reason why Coppell Police Department was awarded the diploma of 2018 in the video.


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