Graduation time is unfortunately not just about having fun. It is also associated with too much alcohol, aggressive behavior and people getting hurt. This year, 2018, the police in Lycksele, a northern town of Sweden, decided to do something else to get their message through. They crashed the students’ school party by playing their version of Highway to Hell. To be able to get through with a message is about timing, what words that are used and relationship building. The way the police in Lycksele delivered their message this year covered all that. So please take your time and watch this YouTube clip.

If you do not want to hear the full version of Highway to Hell, go to 3:15 and you will hear the last part before the local police starts to address the students that have graduated that day. As you can hear the police performance was appreciated! Scroll down for an English translation of the speech.

Hi everyone! Sorry to surprise you like this. We need to have a few words about tonight. Firstly, I want to congratulate everyone to their summer holidays and all of you who graduates! Big congratulations to you and best of luck, I hope you reach your goals and dreams. Just look at me, I’ve dreamt of playing in front of an audience like this!

But I need to be a bit serious as well. It’s like this. Me and my coworkers want to be unemployed tonight. We don’t want to write a lot of reports and we need your help with that. Firstly, go easy on the alcohol. Let this day be a happy memory and not a blackout covered in vomit. And take care of each other, do not leave anyone behind, and this will be a great night. Secondly, do not destroy anything and do not litter. It’s unnecessary to pay tax money for different kinds of damage. And thirdly, be friends. Get along, do not mess and do not fight. Today is all about hugs. And those hugs should be unforced, respectful and not offensive in any way. And if you help us with this you will get an awesome night.

Again, big congratulations to all of you who graduates! Thank you and see you tonight. Have a nice summer!

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