The positive effects of ”change of mindset” in troubled areas

Police mindset from four perspectives
Two practitioners, one researcher and a representative of the HR – Leadership and employeeship in a common goal of making a more effective police 

Police Captain Charles “Chip” Huth, Kansas City Police Department (KCPD), former leader of the Street Crimes Unit Tactical Enforcement Team; National trainer and past president of the National Law Enforcement Training Centre

Superintendent and Local Chief of Police Niclas Andersson, in Järva, Stockholm

Superintendent Johan Nilvé, HR – Leadership and employeeship

Dr. Ann-Christine Andersson Arntén, National Swedish Police,
Network of Empowerment, Department of Psychology, University of Gothenburg*

As the world changes policing must change to meet new challenges. However, it is not just about doing the right things; it is about how we are with people when we do them. This panel session focuses on the courage to change mindset to achieve a safe environment for officers and better communication and respect among employees and with the public, especially those living in the most troubled areas of the community.

In order of appearance, the panel session will discuss some challenges of changing mindset and its effects.

Researcher, Dr. Ann-Christine Andersson Arntén, has made two qualitative and three quantitative studies of police management. Through her work, she has established the effects of leadership styles and factors that enhance mindset change.

When deciding on new work methods, we have to consider not just what we shall do but also how we shall do it. Former police inspector now at the HR office, Johan Nilvé, will talk about the importance of leadership mindset and being a roll figure in order to make change happen.

How we are with people while we do things is of critical importance. Police Captain Chip Huth, (KCPD), successfully managed to change mindset within his team. This shift resulted in many changes to include an over 100% increase in gun confiscations and felony arrests, improved public trust, and a safer working environment for police officers.

Superintendent and Local Chief of Police Niclas Andersson will reflect on challenges and progress while implementing the thoughts and works of Chip Huth in his department, Järva, one of the most troubled Swedish communities.

Together these four people will form a path for how to make changes in mindset possible and what to watch up for in order to get safe work-environment and better communication with the public.

 *Correspondence to Ann-Christine Andersson Arntén:
E-mail:; Mobile phone: +46 722027660


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