8th of May 2016
Öxeryd, Lerum , Sweden


“No man is an island entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main…..”  – John Donne

The same goes for organizations. No organization is an island entirely of itself; every organization is a piece of the continent, a part of the main. If you want an organization of excellence there is a need for input from others outside the organization. Therefore it is of importance to meet with others from different areas of expertise.


The backdrop of the first PoliceTalent informal meeting was based on the knowledge that the western world police organizations are experiencing somewhat the same problems even though there are differences in regard of history and culture. Researchers as well as police employees have for a long time tried to influence police organizations to create long term effects on capacity and professionalism. The participants of this meeting possess knowledge from different areas of expertise both from within and from outside the police organization. Moreover the participants represent five countries and thereby five more or less different cultures. The hope for the meeting was that these different expertise of knowledge and experience together would be able to look beyond the common solutions and find new ways and means to influence the police. 

The participants held a short talk about their area of knowledge that was taped on video. Each and every one of the participants possesses knowledge of expertise and has a deep engagement in policing and the development of the police. The choice of areas of expertise and thereby participants was made to correspond to the problem areas that are shared by police organizations and that have been highlighted through research.


Anki HolmbergJobMatch Sweden, Recruitment and leadership coaching. Anki Holmberg has developed an ideal leadership profile for police leadership.

Ann-Christine Andersson Arntén, PhD in psychology. Employed by the Swedish National Police, focusing on assessment of leadership and organizational structures.

Johan Nilvé, a sworn police officer within the Swedish Police. Now at the HR-department focusing on leadership development.

Johannes Knutsson, Professor emeritus at the Norwegian Police University Collage, Oslo Norway. Evidenced based policing and Problem Oriented Policing.

Klaus Olsén, JobMatch Sweden. Klaus Olseén is born in Denmark, and is the CEO of JobMatch Talent. Klaus is an experienced organizational leader with a deep knowledge of recruitment and marketing.

Mac Tristan, Chief of Police Coppell Police Department, Texas USA. Have twice developed police departments from top-down to learning organizations built uponparticipation of every employee.

Thomas Bothe, Germany. Former CEO and now consultant within leadership development and communication.

Trevor Archer, is born in England and is a Senior Professor at the University of Gothenburg. He was to talk about Empowerment. (Unfortunately Professor Archer got ill and could not participate. Take a look at a previous video featuring him here).


Professor Emeritus Johannes Knutsson talks about Problem oriented Policing, POP.

Research has found that Problem Oriented Policing (POP) is a very useful tool to make good policing happen. Professor Emeritus Johannes Knutsson has practiced POP and has, for a long time, been a judge for the Herman Goldstein Award. Listen to his talk about POP, why it works and what makes it work.


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