Since 2006 the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention (BRÅ) has, on behalf of the Swedish government, organized the Stockholm Criminology Symposium and awarded the Stockholm Prize in Criminology. The symposium is a meeting point for researchers, policy-makers and practitioners who want to learn more from the latest research findings of and within the criminology area.

We participate at the Stockholm Criminology Symposium to share information, research results, and practitioners’ experiences on positive changes within the area of policing. Our goal when hosting panel sessions at the symposium is to set the foundation of “Models for successful policing”. The first panel session was held 2014 where we laid the first corner stone in the building of “Models for successful policing” when we asked the question “Is there a way to change policing and make it work?” and we also answered that question with “There is a way to change policing and make it work!” Three years later, in 2017, we laid the second corner stone when we in the second panel session focused on the change of mindset and the importance and effects of building trust and respect. 2018 we laid the third corner stone when we talked about “How to change culture at the crossroad for effective policing”. The last cornerstone is to be put in place in our forth panel session that is planned to be conducted in the symposium 2019. The title and focus will be “Lessons learned in theory and practice. The forth cornerstone for the building of an effective and modern 21stcentury policing. But noting can be built just on cornerstones. Those have to be held together through girders. In this case the girders are made out of leadership and organizational structures.

You will here see the published abstracts for each panel session and you can also follow parts of the sessions on the YouTube clips attached.



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